Spring Retreat

ABS Spring Retreat

Our spring retreat, at the picturesque Diamond Ridge Retreat Center, was great in spite of wintery weather. Breakfast there, at 7600 ft, was delicious!


20 Mile March

Joe used illustrations regarding dealing with ‘bad weather’ from Jim Collins’ discussion, in his book Great by Choice, of the 20 Mile March (summary at link by Jon Karpman) to encourage us to pace ourselves as we push on in spite of difficulties.


“Throughout the journey, Amundsen adhered to a regimen of consistent progress, never going too far in good weather, careful to stay away from the red line of exhaustion that could leave his team exposed, yet pressing ahead in nasty weather to stay on pace.  Amundsen throttled back his well-tuned team to travel between 15 and 20 miles per day, in a relentless march to 90 degrees south.  When a member of Amundsen’s team suggested they could go faster, up to 25 miles a day, Amundsen said no.  They needed to rest and sleep so as to continually replenish their energy.  In contrast, Scott would sometimes drive his team to exhaustion on good days and then sit in his tent and complain about the weather on bad days.  At one point Scott faced 6 days of gale force winds and traveled on none, whereas Amundsen faced 15 and traveled on 8.  Amundsen clocked in at the South Pole right on his pre-decided pace, having averaged 15.5 miles per day.  Scott in contrast fell behind early, with no plan of a daily pace, and as the conditions worsened, enhanced by his lack of preparation for unforeseen events, he and his team never recovered.”

The ABS Specialty & Our Big Three

We provide a Continuity of Care, a comprehensive spectrum of therapies to meet the multiple needs of every child. In particular, ABS now has on staff specialists in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and psychological services. We intend to integrate speech/social/cognitive behavioral goals into every ABA program and these specialists will be both providing their own therapies and supporting our ABA clinicians in enhancing ABA programs.

ClinicalCare(ABA Clinical Leadership: Joe Dixon, Maren Jacobson, Christa Dalton, Jeff Skibitsky)

This overall focus within ABS on providing Continuity of Care is maintained and substantiated by our Big Three operational foci:

  • To provide Quality Clinical Care – we continue to strive to provide the best, state of the art care and support for all of our clients and their caregivers.
  • Advanced Systems/Operations – this clinical care is supported, day to day, by our comprehensive use of Central Reach, AB Pathfinder, and in-house developed systems which help our staff, both administrative and clinical, to efficiently and effectively manage this complex business.
  • Highly Trained, Professional Staff – whether helping with beginning RBT certification, teaching master’s level BCBA training, or developing regular, ongoing training materials, we are committed to having all our staff continue to grow professionally.

These three characteristics of ABS are overseen by our leadership team: Jeff, Jessica, and Joe.

Big Three (ABS Leadership: Joe Dixon, Jessica Engel, Jeff Skibitsky)

Policies and Procedures

Jessica led the discussion of our updated ABS Policies and Procedures focusing on changes in ABS policy noted in the document, of which everyone received a copy.

Policies & Procedures

We’re also excited about expanding ABS, and our business model, into California. More on that in next month’s newsletter.

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