Spectrum Academy Turkey Trot 2014

Spectrum Academy‘s 2014 Turkey Trot had over 1000 registrants!  Perhaps the new Pleasant Grove branch had something to do with this? At any rate, the weather was grand (in spite of the snow on top of the Oquirrhs in the background of some pictures) and it was great to see lots of folks at our booth which Shandra and Jessica hosted:

Shandra at the ABS booth

Shandra at the ABS booth

Several Alternative Behavior Strategies staff volunteered (Emily Wassink, Thomas Dunbar) and others raced (Joe Dixon, Gretchen Krebs, Heather Dillon, Emily Pitt); however, I didn’t get good pictures of them during the race but there are lots of race photos online.

Here’s Joe after the race:

Joe Dixon, after 5K race

Joe Dixon, after 5K race

The most colorful race was the 1K fun race, which Meg and Jeff Skibitsky ran with their girls:

in the passing lane

in the passing lane

There are links to lots more pictures on the Spectrum Academy Facebook page (and pictures of, say, Meg running the 10K, on the link near the top of this page). If you find pictures of ABS staff that I overlooked in those links, please add a comment.

Speaking of Spectum Academy’s new Pleasant Grove site, here are some articles about their first day of school in Pleasant Grove:

 Learn about the new campus from the Autism Daily Newscast in this July 16th, 2014 article.

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